PCB Design

It does not matter if it's a new design, a design revision, single sided or multi layer, the team at ASA Micros can design to your specification, or assist with defining design rule for you.

By always having design for manufacture in mind, you can expect that best possible chance to enhance your assembly yield, whilst meeting your compliance objectives. We will work closely with your laminate fabricator, pcb assembly house, and final assembly line to ensure that manufacturing tolerances are taken into account at every possible opportunity.

As package geometries reduce, assembly and inspection becomes more difficult, and more important. Ensuring that industry recognised land patterns are used, and that sufficient room for inspection is catered for, means that your assembly and inspection lines are given the best possible change to get it right, the first time.

If you are having problems with an existing PCB that contain BGA packages, we highly recommend using Retronix Ltd. They can X-Ray inspect, remove BGA's, re-ball and re-fit BGA's.